Yacolt Fire Station remodel

This entryway is impressive (and it’s all done)!

Metal roofing is on. Just a little bit of siding left to finish…


Siding is all done in this one. Prepping to build the timber-frame entryway…


Getting started on the entryway.  Check out the size of those beams!!

PART_1444882762728_20151014_155630 PART_1444882759814_20151014_155607

Prime is giving the main fire station in Yacolt all new siding

and a huge timber-frame front entryway!

Working on siding right now…

PART_1443632456469_20150930_095541 PART_1443632519738_20150930_095459 PART_1443632565225_20150930_095908

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