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Complete remodel of double four-plexes


Installing kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures was the last step. These babies are done! Exterior is completely finished! Check out this difference… Interior is all done as well, except for kitchen/bathroom appliances. Everything looks like new! (And smells like it

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Weber family addition in Ridgefield


This is why we do what we do! Enjoying Christmas in their new room… Look what got some siding! Framing done, windows in, and papered and ready for siding… First floor interior shot… The Weber family is branching out!

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Johnson addition in Vancouver


Roofed, sided, and ready for paint! Lots of interior work left to do. Lots of progress made. Framing is complete, timber-frame front porch is almost done, windows in,  and siding and roofing are in progress… The Johnson’s are adding on

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Complete condo remodel in Salmon Creek

condo remodel

This condo, built in the 70’s, is getting an entire facelift! Complete remodel. New everything. No before pictures, but the after pictures speak for themselves (although they don’t quite do the real thing justice)! Some creative plumbing happened to put

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Fire Station remodel on Sunset Falls Rd.

fire station remodel

This old fire station got a huge makeover! Tape and texture in the shop area, new bathroom fixtures and vinyl in the shop bathroom, new windows, exterior door, new carpet, vinyl flooring, and new plumbing in the bathroom shower.  Looks brand new! Take

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Re-side for customer in downtown Vancouver

This was definitely a unique project! This customer imported special stained Brazilian teak wood to re-side this gable. Prime carefully installed the one-of-a-kind wood and also installed the sun at the top of the gable that the customer had special-made.

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Bathroom Remodel in Fisher’s Landing

Drum roll please… Some “after” pics!    New cabinet, sinks, lights, and countertop… Free standing tub New rain-effect showerhead and tile (just waiting on the glass partition) New tile around toilet, new flooring Countertops are in (although they are covered

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Roof Remodel in Washougal for Riverstone Holdings

Wow! What a difference! Here are some “after” pics… Here are “before” (left) and “after”(right) pics next to each other for better comparison… Here is another roof remodel that Prime is starting later this week.  Here are some “before” pics…

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Gutter and Roof Remodel for Riverstone Holdings – Downtown Vancouver

All bright, shiny, and new gutters and roof! This house in downtown Vancouver is getting a new roof and gutters, care of yours truly.  The house is well-hidden by the foliage and dumpster, but here is a “before” pic…

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Cascade Park porch remodel

There it is…officially made-over! Really adds a lot to the curb appeal of the house… This home in Cascade Park is getting a new entryway! Prime built a beautiful timber-frame porch cover, is repainting the front door, and is taking

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