Complete remodel of double four-plexes

Installing kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures was the last step.

These babies are done!

20151203_110012 20151203_110019 20151203_110045 20151203_110051

Exterior is completely finished! Check out this difference…

20151120_103626 PART_1446052870659_20151027_181113

Interior is all done as well, except for kitchen/bathroom appliances.

Everything looks like new! (And smells like it too)

20151120_103742 20151120_103749 20151120_103802 20151120_103817 20151120_103955 20151120_104049 20151120_104052

All new windows for the exterior. Interior has had a lot of work done as well, but not much you can see in pictures yet – electric, plumbing etc.


These buildings are in need of a lot of TLC, inside and out.  They are getting the full treatment. 

Interiors are completely gutted.  Roofing and siding on the docket as well.

Building #1…


Interior of Building #1…

20150921_152624 20150921_152637 20150921_152654

Kitchen and dining room of Building #1…

20150921_152709 20150921_152718

Exterior of Building #2.  Roofing in progress…


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